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The CD-308 CONTROLLER is not only a very reliable, and highly exact conductivity measuring instrument (1µS) with an 4-digits LCD display but it also serves also for the regulation of the CD value in liquids e.g. water in ponds, aquarium, swimming pool, whirlpool, spa or pool etc. This controller is suitable for applications in sweet and salt-water. The measuring instrument is fully supplied, operationally and calibrated with battery!




You simply set the desired CD value at the controller. If the currently measured CD-value increases or decreases this deviation is adjusted. This is done with the relay-steered 230V plug socket belonging to to the controller, which depending upon requirement is powered on or off. You can attach every 230V device to it e.g. air outlet stone, oxygen pump, CO2-regulator, electromagnetic valve, water pump...




Further application:
Fish hatchery, wine production, swimming pool (bath), floristics, analysis of fluids (ph-value), ponds, various industrial application, Pisciculture, Koi, Kois, Boilere, Pond, Pool, Spa, swimming pools, pool, analysis of liquids, orchids breed, breeder, hemp, grow

EC/ TDS/ Conductance/ Conductivity in practice use:
In the aquaristic is the conductance (conductivity) apart from the pH value an important character-istic for the water quality. With this EC meter you can examine the quality of the pure water from your osmose device or full demineralizer or the quality of your aquarium water/ blend water with the water change.

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Example 1:
The measurement in the fresh water aquarium results in 600 µS/cm, in the tap water however 300 µS/cm. Thus a partial water change is to be done.

Example 2:
Examine the quality of your water. As appoximate values to water is considered generally:
Water to 120 µS as very good deslagging and is favorable to health. Of 300 - 600µS is the water rather loading and starting from 600 µS it is to be designated as bad .

Example 3:
In the case of control in the sea water basin 53000 results µS/cm. From the usual conductivity tables of sea water (with 25°C) you read a content of salt of 35 parts per thousand with 53,8 (mscm) off. Sea water is correct.

Example 4:
With control of your permeat of a reverse osmosis device you obtain a measured value from 20 µS/cm. The permeat is thus correct.

What is the electrical conductivity actually?
With demineralized water, no solved CO2 contained you measures the conductivity zero (actually it would be 0.055 µS/cm). That corresponds to the intrinsic conductivity of the water (h-ions and OH ions dissociate). In the qquaristic applies: Demineralized water has practically no conductivity. The addition spoon common salt (10g) into a litre demineralized water causes a value of 15000 µS/cm. The common salt (NaCl) dissolves completely in sodium ions (Na+) and chloride ions (Cl -) and so an ionic conduction is produced.



Technical details:

4 LED Display reading
Measuring range:
0 - 1999µS/0-199.9mS
Measuring accuracy:
±(1.5%+2 digits)
1 us, 0.1 mS
Set Range:
0~1000 us, 0~100 mS
Power supply:
In Label
160mm x 102mm x 40mm
Relay Contact:
800 g
Temperature: 0~50°C
Humidity: <90%
CE-conform EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1