PH+Redox/ORP Controller (0-1000mV) Meter Ozone Ozonizer CO2 Aquarium Pool Pond Sweet & Salt Water P13

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Our most progressive PH-803 Controller (0-1000mV) can manage pH value and redox value (ORP) at the same time on the contrary to almost all other PH/ORP controller. Therefore this controller has 2 probes (pH and redox), 2 circuits and 2 switched sockets. This controller is suitable for applications in sweet and salt-water.

Finally you can control e.g. your CO²-plant (via pH value) and a ozoniser (via orp value) at the same time. Also, if necessary, you naturally can operate the equipment with only pH value or redox value.




The PH-803 is not only a very reliable, and highly exact pH- (0.02ph) and redox (1mV)measuring instrument with an 4-digits LCD display but it also serves also for the regulation of the pH value and redox value in liquids e.g. water in ponds, aquarium, swimming pool, whirlpool, spa or pool etc. PH and redox/orp are included.




You simply set the desired pH/redox value at the controller. If the currently measured ph- or redox value increases or decreases this deviation is adjusted. This is done with the relay-steered 230V plug socket belonging to to the controller, which depending upon requirement is powered on or off. You can attach every 230V device to it e.g. air outlet stone, O3 ozoniser, oxygen pump, CO2-regulator, electromagnetic valve...

Ozone O3
In combination with a O3 ozonizer (available in our shop) the redox value in the aquarium can be held constantly. Sea water aquaristic is already using ozone treatment for a long time. Proven advantages are:
- Oxygenisation of the water
- Killing of alga / algae and pathogen
- Remove colored materials from the water
- Increase the effect of skimers and biological filters
- Reduction of nitrite and ammonia
- Reduction of harmful organic substances (dead plants, dead fish)


Carbon dioxide CO2:
in connection with a CO2-dosing system (single magnetic solenoid valve) or a CO² generator the pH value in the aquarium can be controlled and being held at a optimal level for the aquatic plants and fishes. The range of control enclosure pH values from 3,5 to 10.5 and is digitally adjustable.


Further application:
Fish hatchery, wine production, swimming pool (bath), floristics, analysis of fluids (ph-value), ponds, various industrial application, Pisciculture, Koi, Kois, Boilere, Pond, Pool, Spa, analysis of liquids, orchids breed, breeder, hemp, grow


You get prescriptions for additional production of own variable calibration liquids for pH of values pH3 - to pH8 and electrode liquid to maintenance & keeping.

The following electrodes/probes are suitable for this device:
Redox/ORP: S04, S13, S16
PH: S01, S03, S14, S15, S17
More information in our electrode/probes guide.



Technical details:

Measuring range:
0.00 bis 14.00pH
-1999 - 1999mV
Set Range:
3.50 - 10.50pH
0 - 1000mV
Measuring error:
Measuring accuracy:
Power supply:
160mm x 102mm x 40mm
870 g
Automatic Temperature Compensation:
0°C - 50° ATC
CE-konform EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1