Cleaning liquid/fluid/solution (50ml) for PH/EC/Redox/ORP Measuring Instrument FL5

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Cleaning liquid
With our electrodes cleaning liquid (50ml) you can clean pH, Redox and conductance electrode. The electrodes in the aquarium, used for continuous operation, get a biological "lawn" because a bacterial layer forms, which makes the measurement slow-acting and falsifies. For the removal of these linings our cleaning solutions was developed. It contains e.g. pepsin and 0.1 molecular hydrochloric acid (pH ~ 1) to remove proteins, bacteria and algae. We suggest a 30 minute application every 4-6 weeks




Maintenance liquid
With our 3-mol KCL solution (50ml) you can supplement the diffused liquid. This is of crucial importance for the life span of your electrode. The KCL liquid level in the electrode must always lie over the level of the testing liquid otherwise this could get into the electrode and can destroy it. Likewise the electrode is to be rinsed off after the measurement is done and constantly being stored if not used to keep the thin glass diaphragm always poured. All our electrodes have for this purpose a protective cap which could be filled with a 3-mol KCL solution. With old and slow-acting electrode an extensive 24-hour application in our KCL solution results in an useful responsing electrode. Here we recommend a pre-employment of our cleaning solution for electrodes (12-hour application).

Calibration liquid
3 pack buffer solution (each 1x 4,01/6,86/9,18) for pH meters/pH measuring instruments in a sealed bag for one time usage. The packing ensures always fresh, unused not contaminated buffer solution. Durable over 5 years. Swiss quality!


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Contents: 50,00 ml