Refractometer Aquarium Seawater Saltwater Concentration Salinity Salt Content RK3

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With our TMT-RHS-28ATC refractometer you can determine fast and exactly the content of salt and the specific weight. So you can use this refractometer for the measurement of seawater and all kinds of concentrated salt solutions for example in the food industry however likewise within the range of pisciculture plants and private seewater aquaristic. The offered refractometer offers a maximum of precision and control comfort due to its integrated automatic temperature equalizing system (10-30°C) and twin scale.




The scale shows density (1,000 to 1,070) and content of salt (0-100%) in parts per thousand. It is manufactured in a very stable kind with plastic housing and plastic-encased grasp. The equipment achieves a high accuracy of (+/- 0.001). For the calibration of the refractometer simply distilled or osmose water is used.

Example measurement:
Before each measuring procedure you should clean the lift-up lid and the prism carefully and afterwards dry to leave. Then you give 1-2 drops of the sample on the prism, when closing the lift-up lid the sample distributes itself evenly between covers and prism. Pay attention that no air vesicles form. This would impair the fair result negatively. By easy moving of the lift-up lid the sample liquid can be distributed evenly. Now you hold the refractometer against bright daylight, in order to see the scale by the eyepiece. The desired value can be read off now directly. Please carefully clean and dry the equipment after each measuring procedure, so that no deposits are left on the prism and the cover.