Infinity Optics Trinokular Microscope Plan Achromat Darkfield Enderlein Transmitted Light MK8T

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Our Darkfield Trinocular Microscope MIS-2000 with Infinite Optics is a professional device with brilliant resolution. With its comfortable equipment, generously designed XY stage, 4 optically very high-quality plano-achromatic lenses corrected to infinity and the effective, precisely adjustable illumination unit, the MIS-2000 offers the best technical prerequisites for professional use in laboratories, universities, schools and industry.



The interchangeable 10x wide field eyepieces, which can be rotated through 360 °, are tilted by 30 ° and thus enable ergonomic and relaxed working, not least thanks to the dioptric setting (+/- 5) on the tube. The interpupillary distance is freely adjustable from 50-75mm. With the four lenses 4x / 10x / 40x (S) / 100x (S, Oil) the device has magnifications of 40x, 100x, 400x, 1000x, covering the entire spectrum.




In addition to the high-quality 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm & filter for normal operation, the microscope also includes a dark field condenser for dark field microscopy. The newly developed darkfield illumination with the best possible light guidance of the microscope light is achieved. Phase contrast attachments and dark field accessories can simply be plugged into the receptacles provided.




The adjustable 3W LED Kohler illumination with an easily centerable light source can be switched on and off via a separate toggle switch. The device can be connected directly to the 230V power supply without annoying power supply.



A comfortable 24mm focusing by coaxial coarse and fine drive (0,1mm) promises a high comfort of operation by means of vertically lying coaxial control buttons in four directions movable cross table.


In combination with our microscope cameras, images can be digitally transferred to a notebook or PC. You can easily track your observations on the computer in real-time, save them as pictures or videos, print them or make them available to a wider audience as part of a training or presentation!




Dark field microscopy is a type of light microscopy that has been known for more than 200 years. Here, a dark background image is used in front of which the structures to be observed stand out brightly. As a result, well-resolved, high-contrast images can still be produced by transparent objects with only very low contrast without prior staining of the preparation.


One of the most famous applications are vital blood examinations according to Dr. med. Enderlein. For this you need the lens 10x for the total magnifications 100x, 400x and 1000x. The 10X lens is used to center the condenser. The actual viewing is done with the 40x and 100x lenses.


Technical specifications table:
- Magnification 40-1000x
- Tube with 30 ° viewing angle, 360 ° rotatable
- Diopter adjustment ((+/- 5 Dioptrin)
- Eye distance symmetrically adjustable between 50 and 75 mm
- Height-adjustable darkfield condenser
- Abbe condenser 1.25
- Transducers for phase contrast attachments and dark field accessories
- 4 lenses (4x@0.10 / 10x@0.25 / 40x@0.65s / 100x@1.25oil/s)
- 10x eyepiece
- Ball-bearing Lens Revolver
- Coaxial control buttons (both sides) for coarse and fine adjustment
- Adjustment wheel for stress intensity; Coarse drive range: 30 mm; Fine drive: 0.002mm
- 216 x 150mm cross table (adjustment range 75 mm x 55 mm) with coaxial
Control buttons (0.1mm)
- LED lamp 3Watt with light intensity control (mains voltage 230V)
- Dimensions: 190mm (W) x 400mm (H) x 275mm (D)
- Weight: 7.1 kg

- Dark field microscope MIS-2000
- 1.25 Abbe condenser
- Darkfield condenser
- 1x blue filter
- 1 dust cover
- 230V power cable