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The Digital Microscope Eyepiece DCM-1800 with 18.0 Mega-Pixel is the perfect way to upgrade any stereo, triocular and compound microscope into a digital microscope.




What is a digital microscope?
It is a microscope adapted with a digital camera especially designed for microscope and telescopes. The DCM-1800 (USB3.0) is an excellent solution and offers live images of up to 4912 x 3684 pixel. Our DCM-1800 is a digital camera professionally designed for microscopes and telescopes. It works perfectly with any kind of optical microscopes/telescopes, such as biological microscope, metallurgical microscope and stereomicroscope. The images of the observed specimen or samples can be genuinely displayed on computer screen. The powerful advanced software ToupView included with the camera ensures simple and convenient operation and object measurement on the images captured from microscope.

How to build up a digital microscope?
It is very simple and easy. Remove the regular eyepiece from the microscope/telescope and mount our DCM-1800 (USB3.0) instead. Plug the DCM-1800 to the USB port of your computer. Then you get it!




- DCM-1800 (USB3.0) employs newly designed optical system of fully coated, based on MTF (modulation Transfer Function) analysis, for improved image flatness and contrast. The images are brighter and distinct even at the periphery of the field of view. It offers excellent performance when combined with plan-achromatic objective system.
- The operation is so simple that it can works perfectly with all kinds of microscopes and telescopes with 23mm, 30mm or 30,5mm
- Based on the consideration of the color temperature of microscope illumination, the design makes it offer very good color fidelity. The image is available with excellent true color.
- If the microscope adapted with DCM-1800 (USB3.0) is earthed definitely, the metal body of the camera ensures wonderful anti-interference.


Technical details:
- Resolution: 4912 x 3684 Pixel
- Pixel size: 1.25µm x 1.25µm
- CMOS 1/2.3 inch
- Scanmode: Progressiv
- Dynamic range: 65.8dB
- Signal/Noise ratio: 36.3 dB
- Sensivity: 0.62v/lux-sec
- Exposure: ERS (Electronic rolling snap)
- White balance: ROI White Balance/Manual Temp Tint Adjustment/NA for Monochromatic Sensor
- Frame Rate: 13.1fps@4912 x 3684, 34.3fps@2456 x 1842, 54.4fps@1228 x 922
- Image output: USB 3.0
- Power supply: USB port
- Operating Temperature (in Centidegree): -10 ~ 50
- Storage Temperature (in Centidegree): -20 ~ 60
- Mounting port: 23mm (adapters for 30mm and 30,5mm included)
- Mini disc: Driver Software: ToupView
- DShow & TWAIN interface, output data RGB24
- Software & manual for Win 10 / Win 8.x / Win 7 / XP / Vista / Mac OS X / Linux

Scope of supply:
- Digital ocular 23mm
- Software "ToupView"
- USB-Cable 2,0m
- Storage box


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