Ventilation Control Dew Point Aeration Cellar House Dryer Drying Ventilation eQ3 FHEM Smart Home Homematic Data Logger LS1

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Our intelligent dew point Controller LS1 is unique. The aeration is controlled by a dew point calculation method. This represents the physical technical optimum.


From the measured/collected data of the two dew point sensors (inside/outside) the optimal ventilation conditions are calculated by the integrated processor. Due to this results the intelligent ventilation controller LS1 activates any 230V device like a fan, a window opener … to transport the humidified air to the outside whenever the incoming air is drier than the air outside. Result: The house, the cellar is drying-out.




- Ventilator as ventilation/aeration
- Exhaust air unit with/without heat exchanging device
- Automatic electric window opener
- Air dehumidifier or electric heater/-blower
- Radiator valve
- ...


Scenario 1:
The absolute humidity in the cellar is higher than outside -> The unit switches on the fans to transport humid air from the cellar and to bring in dry air (drying operation). This is often the case in spring and autumn, or at night in summer.

Scenario 2:
The absolute humidity in the cellar is lower than outside -> The device does not switch on the fans in order not to bring in any warm air which contains humidity that will condense on the cold walls of the cellar. This is often the case in summer at high daytime temperatures.

Scenario 3:
The absolute humidity in the cellar is only slightly higher than outside -> The device can be programmed from how many percent difference in the absolute humidity the fans should be switched on in order to ensure an efficient operation.

Scenario 4:
The absolute humidity in the cellar is higher than outside but the outside temperature is less than, e.g. 5° C -> The device would switch on the fan because of the percentage difference in the absolute humidity, but the freely programmable temperature parameter prevents the fans from being switched on at an outside temperature of below 0° C and cool down the cellar. This is the case in winter.


The complete control unit (2 pieces) is installed in a few minutes. The main unit (control center) is easily installed with 2 screws on the wall and connected to a 230V electric circuit. The internal sensor is already mounted in this unit. The outside sensor is connected via cable with the main unit. Finished! Now you can connect any device with the controller. The total ventilation system is installed and ready to use.




Technical details:

LED function display
Measuring range:
Measuring accuracy:
+/- 1%
Controlling range:
24 Hour
Cable length to the external sensor:
10 Meters
Power supply:
220V max. 1000 Watt
Power consumption:
max. 3 Watt
690 g
23,0cm x 6,5cm x 4,5 cm