Ozonizer Ozongenerator Air Cleaner Water Preparation Disinfection Pool Spa 1000 mg/h OZ3

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Fish-fair water purification by ozone
(500.000 litres)

- Crystal-clear and healthy water
- Lowering of nitrite and ammonia load
- Increase in output with skimers and bio filters
- Increase of redox potential and oxygen content
- Reduction of the germ load in water
- Fewer diseases in pond & aquarium
- Less expensive chemicals and cures
- Fewer algae

- Sterilizing pool, spa, piscine
- Sterilizing rooms and facilities

- Accelerated dismantling of yellow materials and other pollutants/organic subjects




Our new OZ-1000 ozonizer makes all this possible for you. The compact equipment integrates ozonisator (ozone production) and cooling fan. Over any flexible hose and air pump you can connect the ozone reactor for water and air aeration. With an input wattage of only 50W the equipment produces sufficiently ozone for the durable conditioning of up to 500.000 litres fresh water or 100.000 litres of sea waters for (dependent on the fish trimming).

For control of the ozonizer we recommend our redox measuring instruments ORP-169A (RE1) with manual control and Redox Controller PH-203 (P11) with fully automatic control in our shop to control.




The redox tension a measuring method for the water quality
The redox tension is indicated in mV and describes the oxidizing or reducing character of a medium out. In principle the more highly the redox value applies, the more unloaded is the water. The continuous reduction of the redox value indicates, that an unwanted biological process runs off e.g. dead fish).

Industrial waste water
In the water treatment the redox measurement comes in particular in the context of the decontamination to the reduction of chromate or oxidizing from cyanide to application as well as the monitoring of the disinfection effect during oxidizing agent dosage.

Swimming pool
Within the swimming pool range one uses the redox measurement for the determination of the sterilization ability of the water. For example the time the swimming pool water needs to kill e-koli-bacteria depends on the redox value, which means of the operational readiness level from free chlorine. The necessary value is with approx.. 700 mVs.

In the fresh water aquarium 250 mVs are already completely good, higher values better. In the sea water it should be 350 to 400 mVs. The reduction and oxidation process in the aquarium take place within living cells. Here there are fish, plants and bacteria who determine the metabolism of the aquarium.

The result of the redox measurement means, whether the pond water is organically loaded or not. It informs about the condition of oxidation. If the redox potential of the pond water is between 150 and 450 mVs, a quality statement is not possible with a individual measuring. The change of the values from a series of measurements over a longer time interval possesses a higher force of statement (sinking values mean increased organic load, rising values signal a condition improvement). Redox values under 150 mVs signal a high organic load, Values over 450 mVs leave conclusions on oxidizing agent (chlorine, wash and detergent).


Technical details:

Maximum ozone concentration:
Maximum ozone output:
0 - 1000mg/Hour
3200 g
Operating temperatur:
0 °C - 50 °C
Power supply:
220V/50 Hz
Power consumption:
50 Watt
250mm x 180mm x 140mm
CE-konform EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1