Measuring Device (Oxygen, PH, ORP, O², Redox, TDS, EC, Conductande) to 200mS SA3

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Our new device TMT-YK-2005WA is a highly accurate measuring instrument. You can measure the oxygen, PH, ORP, O², Redox, TDS, EC/Conductance. A particularly for this device developed microprocessor driven LSI circuit provides for high measuring accuracy and quick gate times. The meter can record datas in real-time from 1 second to 8 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. You can measure all important water parameters. The tester is also suitable for salt and sea water (to 200mS).




More quality criterias of this equipment are the storage and calls up the maximum and minimum values, fix values with a data-hold function at the display, data storage and a serial RS-232 interface. This interface allows you to transfer the measurement datas to your computer or laptop. The optional RS-232 cable and the associated software (SW1) are available in our shop.


Additional optional probes available in our shop:

S06 Temperature/ATC Probe TP-07
EUR 39,99
S07 EC/Conductance Probe CDPB-03
EUR 49,99
S13 Redox-Probe 2001DH
EUR 39,99
SW1 Bundle Datalogger Software + RS232-Cable
EUR 55,99
S03 PH-Probe PE-03
EUR 17,99
S20 Oxygen Probe OXPB-11 (included in delivery)
EUR 129,99


The meter, that having a size of 203mm x 76mm x 38mm, is equipped with a very compact and hard-wearing housing, which is easy to carry and operate. Typical fields of application of the YK-2005WA are in the aquarium, water preperation, fish breeding, food processing, laboratories, paper industry, quality assurance, school and university.

Technical details:
- Operating temperature and humidity: 0 - 50 °C, less than 80% RH
- Power supply: DC 4x 1,5V battery (UM3)
- Serial interface: RS-232
- Dimension device: 203mm x 76mm x 38mm
- Dimension LCD-Display: 58mm x 34mm
- Weight: 365g

Scope of delivery:
- Measuring instrument + OXPB-11 (probe), OXEL-03 (electrolyt liquid) and 2x OXHD-04 (membranes)
- Hard arrying case
- Manual


Technical details:
PH: 0-14
Redox/ORP: ± 1999 mV
EC/TDS/Conductivity: 200µS / 2mS / 200mS
Oxygen /O²: : 0 - 20.0 mg/L
Operating conditions:
Temperature: 0 - 50 °C
Humidity: less than 80% RH
Temperature compensation:
pH: manually 0 - 100 or automatic 0 - 65 °C
Conductibility: 0 - 60 °C
Power supply:
DC 4x 1,5V Batteries (UM3)
Device: 203mm x 76mm x 38mm
Display: 58mm x 34mm