Ultrasonic Leak Detector Leakage Detection Sound / Noise Measurement Receiver & Transmitter Energy Costs Door Window Leakage Test US3

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Our professional ultrasonic noise and leak detector set TMT-ULD-586 / UD40 consists of the ultrasonic analyzer and an ultrasonic transmitter and is therefore universally applicable for the detection of all active and passive leak / leak types. Measurement results are shown on the display by a colored LED quick indicator as well as a digital measured value. In addition, the device has an acoustic signalization of the measurement by internal buzzer and a connection for standard headphones.




The system is suitable for detecting active leaks in the inspection and checking of vacuum and compressed air leaks in compressed air and gas installations, in electrical systems with insulation failures, sparking and wiring, in air conditioning systems A / C and autogas systems but also in worn bearings and machine parts. Faults in condensate separators, leaking seals and leaking tires. Active leaks arise when air or gas escapes through an opening. The resulting pressure drop produces a broad sound spectrum, including the ultrasonic frequencies used here for finding the leaks.



To detect passive leaks, you need the ultrasonic transmitter included in the set, which generates the ultrasonic waves required for the measurement. This makes it possible to find cracks in containers, leaks in windscreens, window and door seals, water ingress or wind noise in vehicles. So you can check all closed areas like doors, windows, ducts or refrigerator cabinets.


Saving energy is currently an important issue in all areas where heat or compressed air is used. Just the regular elimination of leaks can reduce energy costs by up to 35%. In addition, predictive maintenance provides regular inspections of equipment to increase operational safety and reduce maintenance costs.

The ultrasonic detector picks up the ultrasound via the horn and microphone and converts the inaudible ultrasound into audible frequencies. The directional microphone is capable of picking up and bundling sound waves while suppressing other noise. Ultrasound is directly aligned. It gets louder the closer you get to the leak and is quickly muffled as it moves through the air. The ultrasonic leak detection can pinpoint even the smallest leaks, even in a high-noise environment.



Technical details:

Leak indication:
colored LEDs, display & audio
Frequency range:
20 kHz - 100 kHz
Transmitter frequency:
40 kHz
Power supply:
4x & 2x 1,5 AAA (UM-4) battery (not included)
Power consumption:
approx. 25 mA
Operating temperature:
0 - 50°C (32 - 122°F)
max. 80%
140 g & 50g
236 x 63 x 26mm & 100 x 35 x 23mm