Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Instrument Meter Tester Heating Steel Building Galvanizing Rust SD9

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Our ultrasonic thickness meter TM-8812 (succsessor of the TM-8810) is able to measure the thickness of 11 different materials due to their different sonic velocity. These are e.g. steel (5.918m/s), stainless steel (5.664m/s), iron, cast steel (4.547m/s), cast iron, aluminum (6.375m/s), copper, brass, polyurethan (1.778m/s), zinc, quartz, glass, polystyrene (2.337m/s), polyethylene, PVC (2.388m/s), grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, sphaero casting. The TM-8812 also has a variable sound velocity setting (1000-9000 m/s) to measure the coating thickness on any given material like z.B. Gold (3225m/s), Silver (3610m/s), Palladium, Platin (3690m/s)...




The fast and high accuracy LSI microprocessed gauge measures the duration of the sent ultrasonic impulse wandering through the specimen and being reflected at its back. That means material thickness can be determined, without the coating must be removed (non destructive measuring). The gauge is equipped with a very compact and strainable housing, which is easily to transport and serve. You can choose between measurement in mm or inch.

Apart from the variable sound velocity setting the TM-8812 the measuring range and accuracy was improved in comparison to the TM-8810. For further dataprocessing the device has a RS-232 interface. Another advantage is the redeveloped strainable and very small design-housing. Equipment and accessories are stored in a practical carrying case. Software and cable (SW2) are available in our shop.

Typical application range of our thickness-measuring gauge is the maintenance of boiler, heating, container, pipes and other applications for the measurement of abrasion, corrosion and coating. It is also used in industry, in the vehicle -, machine and tool construction.

Application gold test and precious metal test
Each precious metal has a completely specific sound velocity. This can be clearly determined by this ultrasonic measuring instrument and so a statement whether the precious metal test object, bar, coin is genuinly or a falsification. All usuall coins or bars made of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals and their existing alloys can be tested in a non destructive authenticity examination within a weight range from 5 g to 1000 g.

Scope of supply:
- Measuring instrument
- High-grade steel sensor (95cm rubberized lead)
- Storage suitcase with anti-slide hard aerated plastic
- Calibration block
- Operating instructions



Technical details:

10mm LCD, 4-digits
Measuring range:
1,2-200 mm / 0.05-8 inch
0.1 mm/0.001 inch
Measuring accuracy
+/-( 0,5%n + 0.1)
Power supply:
4x1,5V Battery
Operating enviorment:
Temperature: 0-50 °C
Air humidity: max. 80%
164 g
15mm x 28 mm
120mm x 62mm x 30mm