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Our Cut-in Food Pen Thermometer TMT-816 offers a simple and effective method to all food processing plants, service specialists and food supervisors to determine whether the respective food temperature is within the ranges of HACCP. With our TMT-816 you can measure fast and precisely the core temperature of food.




This is exactly where our water tester TMT-30WA can be used. It is one of the most accurate and most advanced meters currently available. By the measurement bandwidth from 0 uS - 1999 uS it can be used for testing of very pure distilled water (<10us), good drinking water (<130 uS) to highly contaminated (> 1300 uS). You get instant results. Not a drop test, no color estimation - an accurate result at once.

The TMT-30WA can be used universally. A specially for this device developed microprocessor controlled LSI circuit provides high accuracy and fast responsed times. Another quality features of this device, is the DATA-HOLD function to fix the current value on the display and auto shut-off function. The unit is equipped with a very compact and durable housing, which is easily to carry and operate. The result does not include a single value, the cumulative value will inform you, whether further action is necessary, or the water is fine.



Example 1:
Examine the quality of your water. As appoximate values to water is considered generally: Water to 120 µS as very good deslagging and is favorable to health. Of 300 - 600µS is the water rather loading and starting from 600 µS it is to be designated as bad .

Example 2:
With control of your permeat of a reverse osmosis device you obtain a measured value from 20 µS/cm. The permeat is thus correct.

What is the electrical conductivity actually?
With demineralized water, no solved CO2 contained you measures the conductivity zero (actually it would be 0.055 µS/cm). That corresponds to the intrinsic conductivity of the water (H-ions and OH ions dissociate). In the aquaristic applies: Demineralized water has practically no conductivity. The addition spoon common salt (10g) into a litre demineralized water causes a value of 15000 µS/cm. The common salt (NaCl) dissolves completely in sodium ions (Na+) and chloride ions (Cl -) and so an ionic conduction is produced.

Lutron PTM-816


Technical details:

Measuring range:
0 µS - 1999 µS
Measuring accuracy:
± 3% +1d
Automatic temperature compensation:
0°C - 50 °C
Operating temperature:
0 °C - 50 °C
Power supply:
9V Battery
270 g
200 mm x 68 mm x 30 mm
CE-konform EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1