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Our ozone generator TMT-OSP-1U is a new development especially for the disinfection in wellness areas: swimming pool, pool, spa and whirlpool. The high-quality workmanship in a compact aluminum housing (22x19x7cm) allows an optimal installation of the system and offers maximum operational safety. Energy saving and efficient, the TMT-OSP-1U produces 200mg of ozone per hour with only 20 watts of energy!




Modern pools, whirlpools and spas are increasingly being equipped with ozone generators. Oxygen devices with suction via a vacuum valve / Venturi valve (such as our VV1) are technically the same in all spas. So our ozone generators basically fit all whirlpools like Wellis, Sundance, Hot Springs, Artesian Spas, Canadian Spas, La Spas, Cal Spas etc.





The advantage of the ozone generator, which can produce artificial ozone with the help of UV light and electrical charges, is that ozone treated water is clear, absolutely odorless and soft. The third released oxygen atom also creates a fresh and pleasant smell, which is typical for ozonated water.

In the water, ozone acts as a cleaner, disinfectant and oxidizer, killing bacteria and microorganisms that are in the water from irritating without eyes and mucous membranes.

After the ozone has been injected into the water, it remains there for about 12 hours and unfolds its cleaning effect. After 12 hours the water will not be furtherly cleaned . We recommend to use the ozone generator daily twice for 1 hour every 12 hours if you use your spa daily.

Ozone has repeatedly proven that it purifies and disinfects pool and thermal water faster and more effectively than traditional chemical methods. Crystal-clear water that smells fresh, feels softer and more refreshing dramatically improves the hygiene of the pool and significantly reduces the need for harsh, expensive chemicals. Eye and skin irritation and hair damage belong to the past. Incidentally, ozone saves on maintenance, time and money, eliminates chemical odors and prolongs the life of the equipment


Scope of delivery:
Ozone generator TMT-OSP-1U
Teflon tube 2m
Mounting material
Diffusor stone



Technical details:

Ozone production:
Power supply:
220V / 230V
Power consumption:
224 x 190 x 70mm
3,5 kg

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