Electrical Smog Magnetic Field Measuring EMF Meter ES2

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Our new measuring instrument TMT-819 for electric field strength and electrosmog has been developed to provide a fast, reliable and simple measurement from electrical and magnetic fields. With its 3- Axis-external sensor an optimal and point-exact measurement is possible also in with difficulty accessible places.




With our field strength measuring instrument the electromagnetic induction of electrical devices such as computer screens, adaptors, current distributors, televisions, mobile radiation, microwave leakage etc. can be measured. The strength of the magnetic flux (EMF) of a magnetic field is readable directly in V/m, W/m2, mW/cm2 on our TMT-819 radiometer. Basing on these measured values you can make conclusions on the current electrical smog and the electromagnetic compatibility (EMV).

The equipment has an adjustable alarm value with acoustic signaling, a RS-232 data interface to transmit data to your PC or laptop and a record function for min/max values including a data hold function.




Range of application:
By the declaration "electrical smog" one understands the load on organisms by low-energy electro-magnetic fields, which health-endangering consequences. In this connection again and again blood cancer with children as well as different kinds of cancer are called. Where power lines and electrical appliances such as TV, computer, mobile phone, microwave etc.. are in use electromagnetic fields establish. Even under finery laid cables or an extension cord in the bedroom produces an electro-magnetic field with current flow. One cannot see this EMF, feel or hear and nevertheless they are all active electrical terminals and lines. It is still disputed, starting from which strength electrical smog is harmful. It is meaningful in any case, avoiding electromagnetic fields as good as possible where you spend a longer time e.g. in sleep areas and children's rooms. Knowing this places with high load one can avoid this places, r turning off or changing this devices.

Scope of supply:
- Measuring instrument with sensor
- Calibration certificate
- Transport suitcase
- Manual (english)

Lutron EMF-819


Technical details:

58mm x 34mm LCD, 5 digits
Measuring range:

100 Mh - 3 GHz
0 - 199.99 V/m,
0 - 99.999 W/m2,
0 - 9.9999 mW/cm2

Measuring accuracy:
0,01 V/m,
0,001 W/m²,
0,0001 mW/cm²
100 MHz - 3 GHz
External proben with handle
Power supply:
9V Batterie
Operating environment:
Temperature: 0-50 °C
Air humidity: max 80%
523 g
Gauge: 199mm x 76mm x 37 mm
External sensor: 70mm x 240 mm