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Our new infrared Thermal Imaging Camera TMT-890 is a high-quality, handy and very accurate visual IR thermometer with a scalable visual image superimposition in which you can see exactly what you measure. It can be used interbranch and across all sectors like energy consultant, construction expert, electrician, climatic technician, industrial maintenance or the automotive sector.



Application areas:

  • Discovery of heat bridges in energetic building analysis (windows, doors, insulation ...)
  • Troubleshooting at electrical and mechanical systems (motors, brakes, heating systems ...)
  • Searching for problems in house technology (leaks, water damage, clogging, ...)
  • Detecting pests (mice, rats, weasels, marten ...)
  • Mobile recording of body temperature (medical or veterinary application ...)




Our visual thermometer is as comfortable as an infrared thermometer in operation, but as meaningful as a thermal imaging camera and still provides image functions similar to a digital camera. The infrared sensor array of the device is dense enough to create a fine infrared heat map, which can be displayed in the live image. The intensity of this display is freely selectable in 25% increments from 0% to 100%.


On an SD memory card, you can easily store and document any recording/measurement with the associated superimposition of the infrared and visual image, values, date and time. Five color palettes (gray, iron, rainbow, etc.), target crosshairs, cold and hot spot display as well as the minimum and maximum value display complete the enormous range of functions of the device. All recorded images can be viewed and scrolled directly on the 2.5" display of the device. Ideal for an impressive error analysis for presentation at your customer..





Technical details:

Measuring range: -20 - 300°C
IR resolution: 3600 Pixel
Thermal sensitivity:
Measuring accuracy:
± 2%
Field of view: 20 x 20° / 300.000 Pixel
Emissity: 0.1 ~ 1.00
Spectral band:
8 - 14 µm
Power supply:
4x AA Batteries
310 g
223mm x 88mm x 65mm