Infrared Thermometer Heat Meausring Device Heat Image Building Mold Dew Point IR2

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Our infrared pistol-thermometer TM-956 is a high-quality, handy and very exact equipment and measures "with a shot" without any contact to the surface temperature of each article for example the temperature of engines, brakes, heating systems, furnaces or refrigerators. A big advantage offers this equipment when measuring any bodies in motion with those the employment of a conventional thermometer is impossible.

Measure the temperatures of hot, risky or with difficulty attainable objects from safe distance an easily readable announcement gives you the accurate measured values in less than one second. The measuring range is from - 30 to + 305 degrees. Focusing the item under test takes place with a laser visor.




Operational principle:
Each body radiates infrared energy. The optical IR detector of our TM-956 receives these and computes from the dose and distance the temperature of the radiating body.



Lutron TM-956


Technical details:

Measuring range: -30 - 305°C
0.5 °C
Measuring accuracy:
± 3% of reading or ± 3°C
Distance to spot: 7:1
Emissity: 0.95
Operating Temperature:
0 °C - 50 °C
Power supply:
9V Battery
140 g
160mm x 92mm x 45mm