Luftbefeuchter Mini-Vernebler Ultraschallvernebler Terrarium MM2

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With our TMT-32 mini fogger "LED" you produce simply and efficiently the necessary air humidity for all inhabitants in your terrarium. Refrained from the well-being of the entire animal and plant world in your mini ecological system the produced fog increases the attractiveness of your vivarium enormously. The viewer will be fascinated by the illuminated mystic pulling nebula clouds and close fog banks.




For the nebula production the atomiser/nebuliser only needs water and electricity. The the atomizer/nebulizer is placed simply into a deep container with water and connected to the 220V transformer. Due to the improved diaphragm for ultrasonic vibrations you get now approximately 30% more fog/mist during the atomization of the water.

Advantages in the overview:
- Efficient nebula production by new diaphragm
- Increasment of air humidity to 100%
- Fascinating visual effects
- Simulation of low clouds and fog after tropical model
- Simulation of morning dew (e.g. desert terrarium)
- Production of cold fog in all kinds of vivariums
- 2,80 meter cable length


For the fully automatic operation we recommend the
air humidity controller (T07)