Digital Thermostat Thermo Control Dimmer wirh Timer Alarm Functions Day/Night Mode TX3

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Our digital TMT-AC-213 Pro Thermo Dimm Control Thermostat is the flagship of our TC thermostat series. Due to the integrated new PID-Technology, the controller not only switches on/off, but regulates every second the delivered power to the consumer device. This will result in absolute stable temperatures. The device is also available with an external display (model TXC).


Attention: All connectors of this device are grounded as required by law in contradiction to a lot of other offered thermostats. The absence of grounding is dangerous to life.



Thereby a automatic, time-steered realistic night time temperature setback is possible. Two operation and downtime settings can be determined minute-exactly. With its permanent temperature indication the equipment can also be used as thermometers. The extremely elegant device is equipped with a very high-quality technology. The controlling range of our TMT-AC-213 is 0-50°C. With its permanent temperature indication the equipment also can be used as thermometer.




For the automatic controller activity 3 channels are available: 2 thermal channels for the temperature control and 1 timer channel for the timing. So you can plug into the socket (protected plug, grounded) e.g. heaters with a total output up to 1200W for thermal control and operate with the second protective plug a timer to control the periods of operation for ozonizer, lights, exhaust, heat emitter nebuliser. Sensors and equipment are applicable in air and water thus for terrarium and aquarium.




Our TMT-AC-213 Pro Thermo Control Thermostat has several alarm functions. If temperature exceeds or drops more than the setable ±0-5°C from the selected temperature an acoustic and optical warning will appear. Likewise you receive a warning, if the probe precipitates. All operations are indicated on the display by symbols.



Technical details:

Measuring range:
Measuring accuracy:
+/- 1°C
Controlling range:
0-50°C / 24h Timer
Power supply:
220V max. 1200 Watt
Power consumption:
max. 3 Watt
190 g
Sensor cable:
70 cm
82mm x 44mm x 16,9mm

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