Electromagnetic Valve Solenoid Valve System Aquarium CO2 MV1

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Our newest high quality CO2 solenoid valve "Made in Germany" has an extremely small design, a very small current consumption (< 2W), quiet shifting processes and a 1,5m connection cable with safety plug (earthing type). Power supply is 220-230V, 50Hz, european 2-roundpin connector. The entire inner life is made of metal, anchor and armature guiding tube are made of stainless high-grade steel. Adapters are contained for the direct assembly of the valve at pressure-reducing valves of all commercial models with 1/8" fine needle valve connection like e.g. JBL, Hagen, bio plastic, Dennerle, Dupla...




A further advantage of this particularly for aquaristics developed 2/2 CO2 single solenoid valve is its effectively loop circuit preventing humming at the magnet. By the small power input the valve becomes straight once lukewarm. The valve is manufactured from brass, all connections from nickel, plated brass and the seals all together from high speed elastomers FPM (Viton®, DuPont).




For the automatic control of the valve we recommend our progressive pH controllers/automatic controllers. At the same time PH-201 controller (P10) for the exclusive pH control or the PH-803 controller (P13) to control the pH value and redox value (ORP) at the same time. For this the equipment has 2 probes (pH and redox), 2 circuits and 2 switched plug sockets..




The PH-803 is not only a very reliable, and highly exact pH- (0.02ph) and redox (1mV) measuring instrument with an 4-digits LCD display but it also serves also for the regulation of the pH value and redox value in liquids e.g. water in ponds, aquarium, swimming pool, whirlpool, spa or pool etc. PH and redox/orp are included.

You simply set the desired pH/redox value at the controller. If the currently measured ph- or redox value increases or decreases this deviation is adjusted. This is done with the relay-steered 220V plug socket belonging to to the controller, which depending upon requirement is powered on or off. You can attach every 220V device to it e.g. air outlet stone, O3 ozoni-ser, oxygen pump, CO2-regulator, electromagnetic valve...

Further application:
Fish hatchery, wine production, swimming pool (bath), floristics, analysis of fluids (ph-value), ponds, various industrial application, Pisciculture, Koi, Kois, Boilere, Pond, Pool, Spa, swimming pools, pool, analysis of liquids, orchids breed, breeder, hemp, grow