Sauerstoffmessgerät Tester Prüfer Temperatur (Aquarium, Landwirdschaft, Fischzucht, Labor usw.) SA1

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The DO-5509 is a highly exact measuring instrument for the measurement of the dissolved oxygen content in liquids with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) within the range 0 - 40 ºC. The digital oxygen meter is equipped with a polarographic probe with integrated temperature sensor. This ensures a precise measurement of the dissolved oxygen (Dissolved Oxygen DO) for typical applications in the aquaristic, medical research, agriculture, pisciculture, laboratory, water purification, mining industry, school, research & teachings, quality control.




In the aquaristic, owners of pool and fish hatchery this compact measuring instrument enjoys a huge popularity, because the values are readable within few seconds and usage is easier to handle than with droplet test and color chart. You do not need further expendables material for the gauge such as test strips or test liquids.

Further application:
Fish hatchery, swimming pool (bath), analysis of fluids, ponds, various industrial application, pisciculture, Koi, Kois, Pond, Pool, Spa, analysis of liquids.

For the measurement of atmospheric oxygen and solved oxygen we recommend our measuring instrument DO-5510 (SA2). For the measurement of dissolved oxygen and pH value we recommend our measuring instrument YK-2001DO (SA3). As a replacement probe you can use our oxygen probe OXPB-09N (S21).

Scope of supply:
- Oxygen meter with oxygen sensor
- 2x spare diaphragms OXDP-02
- 1x electrolyte liquid OXEL-03
- Manual (english)

Lutron DO-5509


Technical details:

13mm (0.5") 3 ½ digits
Measuring range:
0 - 20 mg/l
0,1 mg/l
Automatic temperature compensation:
0 - 40 ºC
Measuring error:
± 0,4 mg/l (23 ºC ± 5 ºC)
Working temperature:
0 - 50 ºC max. 80%
polarographic & temperature senseor
Power supply:
260 g
Gauge: 25mm x 70mm x 131 mm
Senseor: 20mm x 125 mm
CE / ISO 9001:2000