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The Whiteness Meter / Opacimeter TMT-WM-106 measures the degree of brightness by determining the opacity of materials such as e.g. paper, pulp, fabric, plastic, porcelain and other non-metallic products according to ISO 2471. The value 0 opacity indicates a light transmittance of 100%. The value of 100 means that the paper is opaque. The higher the value, the more light is reflected and the whiter the material is.


Our Colorimeter TMT-WM-106 can measure transmissions up to T=0.008, ie a theoretical opacity of O = 120. The paper of a greeting card with transmission T = 0.01 therefore has an opacity O = 100. (However, it is common in the paper industry to specify the opacity for a sheet according to ISO 2471, which is defined approximately as O = 100 % translucence, and a sheet of paper having a translucency of 1% has an opacity of 99%.)

The opacity value is extremely important when it comes to printing thin materials / papers. Thus, a relatively high opacity value is also critical for the duplexing capability of a paper. At low opacity values, the print from the other side appears. In general a duplex capability of the paper is confirmed from an opacity value of approx. > 80. The opacity is not only important for duplex printing, but also when you send several documents at the same time.


With the mobile TMT-WM-106, quick on-site inspections in the field of production, quality management, incoming inspection, authorities and industry can be processed without great costs. The device can be recalibrated in seconds. A corresponding calibration medium is included in the delivery. With the integrated RS-232/USB interface, you can transfer the measured data to your PC / laptop.

- Whiteness as a standard test in paper production e.g. recycled paper, photopaper
- Coating test for art and HQ paper
- Whiteness for measuring the success of bleaching processes
- White degree for characterizing the effectiveness of detergents on textiles
- Whiteness as a quality indication for white interior paints, varnishes, plasters and other dyes.
- Whiteness as a quality control of fillers for the paper industry.

Scope of supply:
- Opacimeter / Whiteness meter
- Calibration medium
- Cleaning cloth
- Operation manual
- Transport case with anti-slip insert



Technical details:

Display: LCD-Display
Measuring range: 0-120
Measuring accuracy:
± 0.5
Resolution: 0,1
Measuring unit: LED 457nm @ 45°/0°
Operating environment:
Temperature: 0 °C - 40 °C
Humidity: < 85%
Cut surface: USB/RS232
Power supply:
Battery 4x 1.5 (AAA)
200 g
156mm x 67mm x 28mm
Sensor 44mm x 55mm