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Our TMT-CM-200S color measuring device was specially developed for quality assurance and, in addition to very high accuracy, offers optimal mobility due to its compact dimensions. The measuring principle is based on an internal, standardized white light source that illuminates the measuring surface. The color measuring device picks up the light reflected from the surface and processes it in the electronics to produce measuring values. The calibration is carried out via two reference surfaces that are included in the scope of delivery.




The color meter offers the possibility to select measurements in the color spaces CIE, sRGB and WIYITw (CIELab, CIEL a * b *, CIEL * a * b * C * h, CIE Yxy, CIE XYZ, CIE Yxy, sRGB with Rs, Gs, Bs and WI, YI, Tw). The colorimeter can also recognize the color inequality / the color difference dE between different color samples in the color spaces CIE, sRGB and WIYITw: d(L *, a *, b *), d(E * ab, C * ab, H * ab), d(Y, x, y), ? (X, Y, Z), d(Rs, Gs, Bs) or d(WI, YI, Tw).

The limit value of the color difference which must not be exceeded can be set on the device. The TMT-CM-200S color measuring device then checks with each color difference measurement whether this threshold value is exceeded or not. The display in plain text then shows: PASS, WARN, FAIL.

In addition, the device has the statistical functions MAX, MIN, AVG, SD for maximum value, minimum value and average value of the measurements as well as standard deviation of the last up to 99 automatically saved measured values. After a measurement, the result can then serve as a reference value for further samples carried out with the measuring device, and the deviations from the reference value are displayed in addition to the actual measurement result.

It is possible to transfer the saved values to a PC via the USB interface. The optional software and cables are available under the type designation SW2 in our shop.




Technical details:

Display: Triple 4 digit LCD Display
Auto power off: approx. 3 minutes
Data memory capacity: 99 set.
Lighting angle: 45°
Viewing angle:
Color deviation: d(L*,a*,b*), d(E*ab,C*ab,H*ab), d(Y,x,y), d(X,Y,Z), d(Rs,Gs,Bs) or d(WI,YI,Tw)
Color space: (L*, a*, b*), (L*, C*ab, hab), (Y, x, y), (X, Y, Z), (Rs, Gs, Bs) or (WI, YI, Tw)
Measuring range: L*: 5 to 100
Measurement conditions: CIE 2° Standard Observer
Repeatability: standard deviation within dE*ab 0.5
Illuminant: white LED lamp
Operating environment:
Temperature: 0 °C - 40 °C
(32 - 104°F)
Humidity: < 85%
Storage enironment: Temperature: -10 - 40°C
(14 - 104°F)

Humidity: < 70%
Power supply:
Battery 4x 1.5 (AAA)
ca. 220g with battery
140mm x 73mm x 35mm