Air Quality Monitor Alarm Indoor Climate Stove Carbon Dioxide CO² Temperature °C/°F Humidity RH LQ2

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Great climate in the apartment or should it be better aired?


Our air quality monitor LQ2-CO2-B331 reliably and precisely measures the indoor air quality. Indoor air quality, often referred as a feel-good climate, is the core of demand-driven ventilation and is determined mainly by the factors CO2 as well as relative humidity and temperature. The compact and handy air quality monitor LQ2-CO2-B331 reliably and precisely measures your indoor air quality. With a good indoor air quality, humans, animals and plants feel most comfortable. Bad air quality in homes or offices, on the other hand, causes headaches, fatigue and discomfort. A look at the display is enough and the cause quickly is determined, maybe it is too much used air, too low or too high humidity or temperature. For a quick check, the room air quality is signaled by means of three LED backlights green (good room air climate) / yellow (sufficient room air climate) / red (bad room air climate).


Our professional meters have a self calibrating IAQ sensors NDIR for measuring carbon dioxide (CO2). The lifespan of our high-end sensors is 15 years and correct readings are displayed after less than 3 minutes of use.


The compact and handy air quality monitor LQ2-CO2-B331 comes with the complete accessories for wall mounting or as a display stand. The matching 230V power supply is also included. Our devices have the necessary IAQ sensors NDIR for the detection of CO2. From this and from the temperature and humidity values, the absolute air quality is calculated..

Facts about absolute air quality:
Normally most people spend more than 20 hours a day in various indoor areas, drinking about 2.9 liters of fluid and eating 1.3 kg of food. Up to the current fine dust and air quality discussion little attention is paid to this circumstances although humans inhale daily about 15kg of air.

To determine the absolute air quality of interiors, complex analytical methods and measuring instruments are necessary.

All subjective air quality impressions are simply wrong due to the habituation effect, because those who spend more time in a poorly ventilated room usually assess air quality better than they would when entering the room. In addition to the directly perceptible odor-active substances, however, there are also odorless air fractions, e.g. the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) this means volatile mixed gases. For the additional measurement please see our device LQ2. The sources of emissions can be found everywhere in the household. Every piece of furniture, every carpet, every curtain releases permanent pollutants. When cleaning or cooking in the apartment also various VOCs are emitted. Even the pure presence of humans and animals leads to the release of volatile mixed gases and CO2 and thus to the reduction of air quality.




Technical details:

LED Funktionsdisplay
Measuring range:

0-5000ppm (CO2)
-20-60°C / 0-100% Humidity


1ppm (CO2)
0,1 °C / 0,1% Humidity

Measuring accuracy:

+/-0,5°C / +/-4,5% Humidity

Life time (years):
CO2 (15 yearss)
°C & Humidity (10 years)

Response Time:
3 minutes

Power supply:

230V & 18-24 V

Power consumption:
2,5 Watt
200 g
13,0cm x 8,5cm x 36,5 cm