Video-Endoscope Camera 1.4 MP 10mm/450mm Cable 45° Visual Field EK4

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Our technical Video-Endoscope TEK-V1018 DELUXE with a cable diameter of 10mm and a cable length of 450mm is made for examinations in difficulty accessible places without disassembling e.g. engines first. This industrial borescope (VIGS) is a whole new innovation that we use the IT technique to transfer image instead of transferring through optical fiber. The way of transferring image of VIGS is quite different with the traditional optical fiber endoscope. Our VIGS not only can provide higher image resolution than normal endoscope but also can take still picture and record videos for user needs. It is the total solution for replacing traditional industrial endoscope.

In our DELUXE version you receive an aluminum carrying suitcase, software (XP/Vista) and a 45° mirror extra. The 45° mirror at the end of the focusable endoscope provides an optimal extensioned field of view.




The optical analysis with an endoscope never has been that simple. You simply lead the flexible cable through a drilling, a cavity or into the proximity of an inaccessible place which should be examined. Now regard comfortably what the optics present on PC or notebook. An extremely flexible and ductile shank, a small weight and the outstanding optics make it possible to recognize you weak and problem places very easily and early. Preventing measures can be introduced in time.



The flexible fiber-optic TEK-V1018 consists of a durable, water resistant housing and a 1.4 megapixel camera which lead the figurative information via USB interface to any PC or notebook. Due to the inovative LED lightning system you get an optimal illuminating of the area to be examined. 

The variety of use for the TEK-V1018 is almost unlimited applicable for automobile garages, sanitation, heating, air conditioning, electrician, safety specialists, experts of all industries, mechatronicer, precision mechanic, piping farmer, industrielle of production processes, pump mechanics etc. A further frequent operational area is e.g. training course and demonstration purposes. To make visible detail of plants and machines and point out realationships.

Features overview:
- waterproof ABS-Housing
- 45° mirror for optimal field of view
- LED lightning system for illumination
- flexible cable for difficult accessible locations (L = 450mm)
- autofocus and whita balance
- software (XP/Vista)
- USB interface
- aluminium carrying case