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Our UV measuring device TMT-SP-82UV is a convenient and affordable UV meter for measuring ultraviolet radiation (UVA / UVB) in a UV spectrum from 290 nm to 390 nm and a wide range of applications. The novel microprocessor-controlled LSI circuit ensures high measurement accuracy and fast measurement times.




Using the REC function and the maximum and minimum functions of the device, you can conveniently call up the measured maximum and minimum UV values or use the HOLD function to "freeze" the current value on the display. For easy reading of the values, the display can be rotated by 180° at the touch of a button.




Ultraviolet radiation is more intense today than ever before due to the decrease in ozone levels in the stratosphere. It is estimated that each percent of ozone loss results in a 2% increase in UVB radiation on the surface of the earth and thereby a 3% increase in skin cancer. This means that even 10 minutes of unprotected sunshine can cause irreversible damage to the genome. A doubling of skin cancer cases in recent years has been recorded, although more and more preventive measures are being taken. But also the cataract on the eye, the weakening of the immune system by impairing the formation of endogenous T-cells or premature aging of the skin are just a few examples of the negative effects of UV radiation.

With our UV measuring device you can recognize and avoid these dangers.


Lutron SP-82UV


Technical details :

Measuring range:
0 - 1999 µW / cm²
2 - 20mW / cm²
1 µW / cm²
0.01 mW / cm²
Measuring accuracy:
± 4% + 2 dgt

UV sensor spectrum: Bandpass 250 nm - 390 nm

Sensor structure:
UV photodiode & UV color correction filter
Power supply:
3V battery (DR2032)

120mm x 45mm x 20mm