Electronic Stethoscope (car, ship, engine, chemistry, household appliance) prevention of accidents MS2

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Our new stethoscope TMT-MS-120 is an electronic stethoscope with a piezoelectric measuring sensor, which can be used to find normal or abnormal machinery murmur for example on axles, valves, pumps etc. The sound and vibration monitoring is used to detect errors and signs of abrasion before the machine is damaged.




The TMT-MS-120 is small in size, light in weight and easy to use. The robust nature allows a use over many years. The device finds application in the automobile industy, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemistry, on numerous household appliances and many other areas.

Main field of application:
- rapidly detect the machine noise from a diesel engine, an air cylinder or an automobile and exactly find out the malfunction position.
- Used to check the piston slap, worn gears, damaged valves and bearings, water pump failure in industry.
- Monitor the automatic assembly line to ensure proper operatin.
- Identify the abnormal noise from an engine or a motor to avoid accident.
- Monitor the working of all kinds of axletrees.
- Monitor the working of a ship or vessel.
- Used in chemical industry to check whether the liquid in a pipe is flowing or blocked.
- Used in the maintenance of various vehicles and household appliances.




Technical details:
Frequency range: 10 - 10 KHz
Input Impedance: > 20M
Ambient noise permitted: 100 dB
Working temperature: -10 bis 60°C
Power supply: 4x 1.5 AAA Batterie
Dimension : 156mm x 67mm x 28mm
Weight: 270g



Technical details:

Frequency range:
10 - 10 KHz
Input impedance:
> 20M
Ambient noise permitted:
100 dB
-10 bis/to 60°C
Power supply:
4x 1.5 AAA Batteries
156mm x67mm x 28mm