PH & Temperature Controller Meter Tester Waterproof Electrode Aquarium Koi P14

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Our new exclusive PH-221 Controler "Special Edition Waterproof" has a waterproof ph electrode with mini BNC-connection (L: 10,5cm, D: 2,0cm). The device has a alarm function for under- or exceeding a threshold value and a 2 point auto buffer recognition. The controler is fully supplied operationally and calibrated.




The PH-221 is not only a very reliable, and highly exact pH measuring instrument (0.02ph) with an 4-digits LCD display with blacklight, it also works as controler for the regulation of the pH value in liquids e.g. water in ponds, aquarium, swimming pool, whirlpool, spa or pool etc.




You simply set the desired pH value at the controller. If the currently measured ph-value increases or decreases this deviation will be adjusted by the PH-221. This is done with the relay-steered 230V plug socket connected to to the controller, which is powered on or off depending upon requirement. You can attach every 230V device to it e.g. air outlet stone, oxygen pump, CO2-regulator, electromagnetic valve... The PH-Electrode and Temparature probe are included.


To decide which electrode is the most suitable for your
device and appplication please see our electrode guidebook:



Carbon dioxide CO2:
in connection with a CO2-dosing system (single magnetic solenoid valve) or a CO² generator the pH value in the aquarium can be controlled and being held at a optimal level for the aquatic plants and fishes. The range of control enclosure pH values from 3,5 to 10.5 and is digitally adjustable.



Click here for CO2 from the power socket by electrolysis
- easy, fast, cheap


Further application:
Fish hatchery, wine production, swimming pool (bath), floristics, analysis of fluids (ph-value), ponds, various industrial application, Pisciculture, Koi, Kois, Boilere, Pond, Pool, Spa, swimming pools, pool, analysis of liquids, orchids breed, breeder, hemp, grow.



Click here for further calibration and maintanance liquids


You get prescriptions for additional production of own variable calibration liquids for pH of values pH3 - to pH8 and electrode liquid to maintenance & keeping.

The following electrodes/probes are suitable for this device:
Redox/ORP: S05
PH: S12
More information in our electrode/probes guide.


Technical details:

4-digits LCD Display with backlight
Measuring range:
0.00 - 14.00pH
0 - 50.0°C

Measuring accuracy:

Set controle range:
0.00 ~ 14.00
Output current:
Power supply:
Environment temperature:
Temperature: 0 ~ 50.0 °C
Humidity: < 95%
Gauge: 95mm x 61mm x 20mm
Control box: 128mm x 66mm x 40mm
1,1 kg