Ozonizer Ozone Generator Air Cleaning Desinfection 3500 mg/h OZ6

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Our new OZ-3500 ozonizer is a professional ozone generator to fight against smells, vermin, mould, bacteria, viruses as well as all contamination and smells on organic basis. In the compact equipment with high-quality stainless steel housing there is integrated the ozonizer, and the cooling and ozone output fan. The equipment corresponds to highest quality standards and is practically maintenance-free thereby. The ceramic plate necessary for the ozone production can be easily exchanged if necessary.




With a ozone output of 3500 mg/h based on an input wattage of only 100W the equipment produces very effectively sufficient ozone for the fast and professional air conditioning and decontaminiation. Guest rooms and conference areas, hotel rooms, cooling- and stockrooms as well as interiors of vehicles are “decontaminated" within few minutes.

Mode of operation:
Ozone is a natural connection of three oxygen atoms (O3) known as strong oxidizing agent which "burns" pollutants. Emerging malodors from evaporation or decomposition procedures of organic materials containing mainly nitrogen, sulfur and hydrocarbon connections will be oxidised and become neutralized. Ozone will be produced from the oxygen contained in the room air and splits smell molecules thereby to be neutralized. Due to the metastable connection ozone disintegrates again to oxygen without leaving harmful arrears.




Malodor removal:
With our ozoniser you can eliminate fast and easy all unpleasant smells like e.g. decaying, smoke, animal or kitchen smell in dwellings, smells from ventilation and garbage pits, smells in smoker or animalkeeper vehicles, smells and loads after renovations by solvents from colors, floor mats and furnishings, smells after fire and damages caused by water, urine and butter acid smells, decay smell in cavities etc. By the efficient ozone production of up to 3500 mg/hour the OZ-3500 destroys even the most persistent smell molecules without use of chemicals or odoriferous substances.

In this equipment generated ozone causes not only the destruction of airborne pollutants (=malodors) but also the disinfection / sterilization of stationary impurities e.g. viruses, bacteria, mold fungi and carcinogenically micro organisms in floor, wall and ceiling. This is mainly interesting before all for asthmatic and allergic persons.


Technical details:

Fan output:
3,4 cbm/Min.
Ozon output:
3500 g
Operating temperature:
0 °C - 50 °C
Power supply:
220V/50 Hz
Power consumption:
100 Watt
280mm x 180mm x 140mm
Stainless steel
CE-konform EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1