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Our moisture meter TMT-XY-105MW is a moisture balance for commercial or industrial use. The moisture is determined by weighing the sample substance of 3-5 g. In the following drying process by quartz glass heaters, the remaining dry matter is weighed and used to calculate the exact moisture content of the weighted, moist mass.




During the drying process the temperature, elapsed time and the decreasing moisture content are shown on the display. Depending on the moisture content, the device has three different heating modes (slow, normal and fast) to achieve a fast result even with very humid samples. At the end of the drying process it will switch off automatically. Up to 16 individual drying profiles can be stored on the device. The device can be controlled via the integrated RS-232 interface and drying values (grams / percent) can be read out.




The TMT-XY-105MW Moisture Balance is therefore an ideal instrument for the accurate determination of moisture, dry matter and the consistency of volatile and solid substances. Especially in the industrial and agricultural sector, the moisture analyzers are used for the rapid analysis of powders, pastes, adhesives, various coating compounds, wood pulp, cereals, spices, etc. both in production and preferably in the incoming goods inspection.




The device is also extremely compact and handy. The design allows for easy cleaning. The TMT-XY-105MW is therefore ideal for users who not only need a fast but also easy-to-use and absolutely reliable moisture analyzer.

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Technical details:

Sample size:
5mg - 110g
Sample vessel:
Ø90 mm
Drying method:
Halogen lamp
Temperature settings:
40°C - 199°C
Time settings:
1 - 99 minutes
15 measurement results