Moisture measuring instrument device meter with Sensor (grain, feed, food) corn/soya hay/straw coffee/rice F01

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The new MC-7828G moisture meter with sensor cup is a completely new developmed hygrometers, protimeter and moisture meter for grain (wheat, barley, rye, oats, millet, dinkel, corn, paddy, maize, soya, oilseed rape, mustard seed, sunflower seed, sugarbed seed, flax, grass seed), feed (hay, straw, straw ball, hay bundle and food (coffee beans & powder, rice, rolled oats, cerealien, muesli, coffee, linseed, peas flour, clover, buckwheat).




The mobile equipment with its durable carrying case made of aluminum is simple to use, rugged at the hard, daily operation at the combine or tractor for the measurement of field cultures with high measuring accuracy. Also useable in laboratories, industries, coffee roasters, depository warehouses...


The humidity of agricultural products is an important quality parameter for the harvesting and storage and a important measured variable for the marketing. The thermal aqueous extraction method with a drying balance or a drying furnace in practice lasts too long. Our TMT humidity measuring instruments provide measured values faster by measuring either the conductivity or electrical capacity of the sample. With the help of several calibration curves this is converted to the humidity. The TMT moisture gauge provides thereby precise measurement results within a few seconds due to the microprocessorcontroled LSI circuits especially developed for this applications.

- Large measuring range 0% - 50%
- Simple handling
- Portable device for indoor or direct usage on the field
- 22 material types selectable (coffee, peas, beans, sunflowers, grain...)
- Color-coded LED Display
- Automatic power off
- Battery status


The moisture test in solid materials is characterized by their strong application reference. A substantial role plays the material structure, the presence of pores and their shape, the internal surface, the density,and special chemical characteristics. Thus we offer special wood moisture meters, building moisture meters, hygrometers for grain, for bulk materials etc.

The legally prescribed monitoring of the temperature with the storage of grain, hay and straw are particularly necessary for fire protection and quality reasons urgently. A cause for a rise in temperature with self inflammation or a reduction in quality is the dampness. The dampness determination e.g. fresh grain requires special instrumentation care and during the storage a water content value of 14 % must be ensured. Biological procedures can increase humidity content in the grain in certain places inadmissibly. With our gauge you can locate such places. Also with hay and straw the correct storage dampness is crucial for security (self inflammation) and quality (fungal attack, rotting). The determination of the humidity and temperature takes place via astinging of the probe into the material which should be measured.

Digital hygrometer for the precision measurement of grain (wheat, barley, rye, oats, millet, dinkel, corn), feed (hay, straw, straw ball, hay bundle and food (rice, rolled oats, muesli). Ideally for depots, coffee roasters and farmers.

Direct selection of:
Weizen, Wheat, Raps, Rapssamen, Rapeseed, Mais, Corn, Gerste, Barley, Hanf, Indica valley, Reis, Rice, Bohnen, Bohnenbrei, bean pulp, Erdnussen, peanuts, Raps (geschrotet), Rapeseed meal Futter, Mastfutter (granuliert), Granulated feed, Sonnenblumenkerne, Sunflower seeds, weißer Weizen, Schneeweizen, White wheat, Wassermelonensamen, Watermelon seeds, Hirse, Sorghum, Schwarzer Sesam, Black sesame, Popcorn, Northeast corn, Baumwollsamen, Cottonseed, Baumwollsamen (geschrotet), Cottonseed meal, Kaffeebohnen (Kaffeepulver), Coffee beans (coffee powder), Kakaobohnen (Kakaopulver), Cocoa beans (powder).

Scope of supply:
- MC-7828G moisture meter with metal measuring sensor cup
- Operating instructions
- Aluminium storage and transportation case

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Technical details:

45x28mm LCD, Dual Functionsdisplay
Measuring range:
0% - 50%
Measuring accuracy:
±0,5% / ±0,5%n
Power supply:
4 x 1,5 AAA Batteries
Operating temperature:
Temperature: 0-50 °C
Humidity: max. 90%
690 g
Gauge: 150mm x 65mm x 30 mm
External cup: 175mm x 76mm x 76 mm

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