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With our professional Starter-Kit TMB-AIR-PROFI you get a complete airbrush basic equipment for the field of application model making, paintwork, paint repair, tatoo, bodypainting, nail art, tanning, nail art, nail studio etc.

In this set you will find exclusively and aligned components. So we use a reciprocating compressor (low noise, low vibration) with pressure tank and automatic feedforward control. Also included are two airbrush pistols/guns for large-surface and for detail paint-spray work, 3 meter connecting hose with quick release fastener, a filter, a pistol holder a mobile pistol holder, a cleaning set and a airbrush cleaning liquid concentrate with a practical dosage bottle.




Technical explanations
1. Reciprocating compressor or Diaphragm/Membrane
Meantime compressors are the first choice for airbrush. Reciprocating compressors are much better than the cheap, loud and vibrating diaphragm/membrane compressors. Also they have a much higher life-span. An other great advantage of our compressor is it is feedforward control you simple choose your favourite working pressure (1.5 - 3.0 bar) and the device controls the power up and power down processes. So you can temporary even use more air the compressor produces. Also the device has a water separator and a pressure delimiter. Due to all this our high quality compressor delivers a airstream free of pulsation. Our compressor is super quiet (only 47db) and maintenance-free.

2. Double-action fine tune pistol 0.2mm & 0.3mm
Basically there a two different function principles: double-action and single-action airbrush pistols. With our double-action fine tune pistol you can control air volume and amount of paint. Usage is quite simple and first success is guaranted. This pistol is perfect for detail paint-spray work.

3. Single-action pattern pistol
Our single-action pistol only controls the air volume. There are only two conditions: air or no air. The amount of added paint is regulated separately. This pistol is perfect for large-surface paint-spray work e.g. grounding, priming and backgrounds.

4. Air hose
Our 3m air hose grants you enough free moving space for easygoing work. The quick release fastener enables a fast change of airbrush pistols.

5. Airbrush filter
This filter holds back even least dust particles.

6. Pistol holder (stationary)
Beneficial for a comfortable work no matter if you want to work with two pistols at the same time or simply want to lay down a pistol for a while.

7. Pistol holder (mobile)
Beneficial for a comfortable transportation being mounted directly on the compressor. Ideal if you want to work with two pistols at the same time or simply want to lay down a pistol for a while.

8. Cleaning pot with holder
Cleaning of your airbrush tools is one of the main aspects determing their life-span and their durable painting quality. Therefore our set contains this cleaning pot.

9. Airbrush cleaning concentrate
For use if you change the color (1:3) or if you want to clean the guns after usage.

Scope of supply:
- Reciprocating compressor (4 bar/23 Liter/47db) with feedforward control.
- Double-action fine tune pistol 0.2mm & 0.3mm, 2ml, 15-50 Psi, 1-3,5 bar (detail paint-spray)
- Single-action pattern pistole 1/4" 1/2", 15-50 Psi, 1-3,5 bar (large-surface paint-spray)
- Air hose 1/4" with quick release fastener, diameter: 6 x 4mm, length: 3m
- Mini airbrush filter
- Pistol holder/Airbrush holder
- Pistol holder (mobile)
- Pistol cleaning pot with holder
- Airbrush cleaning concentrate in a dosage bottle

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