CO2 Generator Power Plug Controller System Set Carbon Dioxide Nisso Complete CO1

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With our TMT carbon plus 81B you receive an absolute innovation for CO² management in your aquarium. The equipment produces by electrolysis carbon dioxide necessary for the aquatic plants. Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. The free oxygen now reacts with the carbon of the coal plate to carbon dioxide, which immediately converts into the water. The also developed H² diffunds absolutely safe in smaller quantities. The handling is extremely simple: Plug in plug socket - ready!




An further pleasant side effects apart from the lowering of the pH value by the produced CO² is the slow softening of the aquarium water effected by electrolysis. Carbonate hardness is diminished (HCO³)² --> CaCO³ + CO² + H2O. The developing lime lining CaCO³ on the plate simply can be abraded. By the weekly partial water change hardness is supplied again to the water. As the achievement of our carbon plus is fully adjustable through its controller, the desired water values (pH, hardness, CO²) can be hold stable and durable once being reached after the starting off time. The equipment is perfect for those aquarium holder having too high pH and hardness values e.g. in the south america basin or prefer plants e.g. holland/dutch aquarium.




An optimal addition for controlling our carbon plus 81B is our PH CONTROLLER PH-201. Dependent on the pH value and thereby concomitantly on the CO² content the carbon plus is activated or deactivated automatically. So an extension of the life span for the coal plates is reached. The spare carbon plate are available in our shop. Past experiences show that the coal plate in a reference 200 litres aquarium (pH 7, KH 10) lasts for more than 1 year.



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