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The DO-5510 is a highly exact measuring instrument for the measurement of the solved oxygen content in liquids and free oxygen e.g. in air, exhaust gases, flue gas, with gasification procedures etc. with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) in the range 0 - 50 ºC. The digital oxygen meter is equipped with a polarographic probe with integrated temperature sensor. This ensures a precise measurement of the oxygen. The operation and calibration of the measuring instrument are easy very simply and can be mastered without foreknowledge.




The measuring instrument has an inserted "%SALT" & "Mountain Height" compensation. The microprocessorguided circuits makes possible a very high accuracy and place special functions (e.g. maximum, minimum and average function with Recall, DATA hold, auto shut off etc.). The large LCD display is very well readable. Oxygen and temperature are indicated together. For the data export a serial interface RS-232 is available. Software and cable (SW1) are available in our shop. The measuring instrument is manufactured in very durable and high-quality plastic.

Example application free oxygen:
Considering the operatings temperature to 50°C with this equipment the oxygen content into all exhaust gas -, burn and gasification procedures can be measured. Ideally for typical applications in medical research, agriculture, laboratory, mining industry, school, research & teachings, quality control.

Area of application solved oxygen:
Ideally for typical applications in the aquaristik, medical research, agriculture, pisciculture, laboratory, water purification, mining industry, school, research & teachings, quality control... In the auaristik and with owner of pond and fish hatchery this compact measuring instrument enjoys of large popularity, because the values are readable within few seconds and you do not need to determine with droplet test and color chart. Also there are no measured value falsifications due to the colouring or pollution of the water by means of other contents like mud particles. They do not need further expendables material for the enterprise such as testing stripes or test liquids.

For the measurement of dissolved oxygen we recommend our measuring instrument DO-5509 (SA1). For the measurement of dissolved oxygen and pH value we recommend our measuring instrument YK-2001DO (SA3). As a replacement probe you can use our oxygen probe OXPB-11 (S20).




Scope of supply:
- Oxygen meter with oxygen sensor
- 2x spare diaphragms OXDP-02
- 1x electrolyte liquid OXEL-03
- Manual (english)

Lutron DO-5510


Technical details:

1-Chip microprocessor LSI circuit
polarographic probe and temperature probe
13mm (0.5") 3 ½ digits
Measuring range:
dissolved oxygen : 0 - 20 mg/l
air humidity: 0 - 100%
0,1 mg/l / 0.1% / 0.1°C
Automatic temperature compensation:
0 - 40 ºC
Salt compensation:
0 - 39% salt
Height compensation:
0 - 3900 meter
Measuring accuracy:
± 0,4 mg/l / 0,7% / 0,8 °C
Operating environment:
Temperature: 0 - 50 ºC
Air humidity: under 80%
Power supply:
9V Block
RS-232, seriell
Gauge: 32mm x 72mm x 180 mm
Probe: 20mm x 125 mm
335 g
CE Zertifiziert / ISO 9001:2000