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Our Temperature and Humidity Meter SMT (FTC-001) is a handy and affordable environmental measuring device that, in conjunction with the corresponding app, turns any smartphone (Android Google or iOS Apple) into a thermometer & hygrometer.



The small shapely aluminum add-on sensor (10x30mm) is simply plugged into the headphone jack of the smartphone, the app loaded (search term FTLAB in the Play Store / App Store) and the measured values can be easily recorded and read. When not in use, the measuring attachment fits into any trouser pocket.




The right living environment plays an important role. The indoor climate is considered an integral part of the quality of living and comfort. It is determined mainly by the temperature of the air and the humidity which have a decisive influence on the comfort of a room. The humidity is detected by humans only at extreme values. However, even moderately high relative humidity leads to condensation and mildew on cool surfaces. Even objectively warm rooms can be uncomfortable when the relative humidity is above the usual 40 to 60 percent.

With our Smart Thermometer / Hygrometer you can measure and evaluate temperature and humidity at any time.






Technical details:

Temperature & Humidity
Measuring range temperature:
-40°C ~ 120°C
Measuring range humidity:
0 ~ 100%
Resolution temperature:
Resolution humidity:
Measuring error temperature:
± 0.5°C
Measuring error humidity: 
± 2.5%
Measuring time temperature:
15 sec
Measuring time humidity:
10 sec
User Interface:
Smart Phone (Earphone Jack)
App via Play Store or App Store
Operating System iOs:
from version 7.0
Operating System Android:
from version 4.2
Sensor type:
Semiconductor Sensor
10 g
30 x 10mm

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