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Our food tester TMT-LT1 Greentest Eco Pro is a nitrate tester and radiation meter for radioactive radiation in fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, meat and sausages. The food tester determines the amount of nitrates in foods with a rapid analysis of NO3 ions in just 3 seconds and radioactive (gamma and beta) radiation in just 10 seconds.




The TMT-LT1 has an internal database of 56 foods and has been calibrated through more than 1000 tests in leading laboratories specialized in spectrometric equipment tests. The intuitive touch control, a modern compact design, fast and accurate analysis capabilities allow a convenient and easy use of the device.




Radioactive radiation in food
Due to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, certain fungal and wild species in some parts of Europe are still heavily contaminated with cesium-137. The radiation of fungi depends on both: the cesium-137 content of the environment of the fungal plexus (mycelium) and the individual enrichment capacity of the respective fungal species. The deer truffle is e.g. heavily contaminated until today and is eaten by wild boars. Thus, the meat of wild animals depending on the region and the animal species is charged very differently. The device provides you a quick analysis of your personal exposure to by the consumption of venison and mushrooms.




Nitrate and nitrite in food
But even your own grown or bought fruits and vegetables you can check for burdens. Too much fertilizer means a higher yield but also an excess of nitrate, which is absorbed through the roots and distributed throughout the plant. This harmless nitrate is converted by biochemical processes into harmful nitrite, which is toxic at higher concentrations and forms the basis for carcinogenic nitrosamines. Nitrite is also included in meat and sausage products such as ham, sausage, bacon used as part of the pickling salt. In general, nitrite is used for the preservation and color intensification of foods.

Dangers for humans

Especially for children, pregnant women and the sick, the intake of too much nitrate is problematic and can have serious consequences. Thus, nitrite, the oxygen carrier responsible for hemoglobin, can block the red blood cells and lead to an oxygen deficiency in the body's supply. Diseases are triggered or healing processes are delayed. In infants, nitrite poisoning can cause suffocation. Nitrites are poisonous and carcinogenic.



Technical details:

Min./Max. Measuring Range concentration nitrate (mg/kg):
0 - 9999
Min./Max. Measuring Range salt concentration in water is 1 ppm (1 mg/l):
0 - 999
Display area levels background radiation, microsvert/h:
0 - 9,99
Range measurements of accumulated dose:
0 - 999.99

(0 - 99999)

Time of measurement of nitrates:
~ 3 sec.
Measurement error:
less than 10%
Power Supply: 
Battery Capacity: 
720 mA/h
Charge current USB:  
310 mA
Supply voltage range: 
5 W
Time of continuous operation: 
up to 20 hrs.
Operating environment: 
0 to +60 °C
90 g
122 x 52 x 14 mm

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